• Over 14 years experience working with prenatal, postnatal & beyond.

    Activate your Core
    - Postnatal Recovery

    Pregnancy and Postnatal Specialist Fitness Trainer.

  • Pilates

    Strengthen your core and Improve your posture.

  • Simple Everyday Changes for Life.

    Postnatal Pilates

    Pregnancy and Postnatal Specialist Fitness Trainer.

  • Covering Datchet and Surrounding Area's

    Pregnancy Exercise Class

    For a more comfortable pregnancy.


Safe & effective classes to help you have a comfortable pregnancy. To prepare you for a positive labour and beyond. 


Working from the first stages of postnatal recovery to getting you back to exercising. Feel fitter and stronger.

Beyond: Total Body Work-Out & Pilates

The next steps to returning to exercise once a strong and functional core has been established.

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