Simple-Changes Timetable Autumn 2018

Day                                                   Time                                    Class                                            Suitable For

Tuesday                                           06.30pm                            Pregnancy Pilates                        Pregnant Mums

                                                          07.45pm                            Pilates                                            All/Postnatal Mums

Thursday                                         09.30am                            Pilates                                             All/Postnatal Mums

                                                          10.30am                            Functional Mummies                   Postnatal Mums/Babies Welcome

                                                          06.25pm                            Pregnancy Pilates                         Pregnant Mums

                                                          07.45pm                            Pilates                                             All/Postnatal Mums

                                                          08.35pm                            Ladies Total Body Work-Out       All/Postnatal Mums >5months

Saturday                                          08.00am                            Pilates                                             All/Postnatal Mums

                                                          9.00am                               Pilates                                             All/Postnatal Mums

                                                          10.15am                             Mum2Be Pregnancy Exercise      Pregnant Mums



  One2One  and group Personal Training available throughout the week.


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