Postnatal Pilates

Flattern the mummy tummy! Reduce aches & Pains! Bring Baby!


Postnatal pilates with babies runs on  Thursday mornings at Datchet Baptist church hall and babies are welcome (until mobile).


Are you?

  • Fed-up that you still look pregnant?
  • Want to reduce random aches and pains?
  • A mum who's pelvic floor needs a little work?
  • A mum who want to strengthen her core and flattern her mummy tummy?
  • Does everything feel different and doesn’t work like it use to.
  • A little bit wobbly here & there?
  • Wanting to improve flexability & mobility after a c-section?
  • Unsure what exercises are safe to do?


After pregnancy and labour the core muscles are weakened and stretched (the deep abdominals/back and pelvic floor.) This results in the wrong muscles gripping on to support the core which can then cause aches and changes to posture.

During pregnancy often the abdominal muscles separate and pilates can help encourage these muscles to realign and come back together. Doing the wrong exercises can make this appear worse. It is important to make sure as you exercise these muscles that they remain flat and don’t dome.

Pilates helps stretches the tightened muscles and strengthens the core so that those muscles relax and allow the correct muscles to work.


We work slowly so those who have never done pilates before can feel confidant in what they are doing. For those who have had a more complicated labour, 2nd or 3rd time mum, or those having issues with pelvic floor control we recommend joining the Holistic Core Restore®. Click here for more info.


Next Postnatal Pilates starts: 10th January 10.30am. Non Mobile Babies welcome.


- Strengthens pelvic floor following pregnancy and labour to reduce risk of incontinence & prolapse of the abdominal organs.
- Realigns abdominal muscles and strengthens them to help improve appearance safely and effectively. This helps reduce lower back ache
- Strengthen deeper core back muscles to reduce lower back ache so that the superficial muscles relax.
- Relieves tension in the upper back muscles often tight following pregnancy and hours of feeding the little one.
- Increases relaxation which helps reduces stress and postnatal depression.
- Meet other new mums in the local area






FYI - unsuitable exercises for postnatal women include runnning, jumping exercises, planks, crunches, reverse curls



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What time is the class?

11.30am to 12.15am (Thursday)


Where are the classes?

Datchet Baptist Church Hall, 62 London Road, Datchet, SLough, Berkshire, SL3 9JR


When can I start?

With a natural vaginal delivery once you have had your 6 week check and with a c-section 8 to 12 weeks once you scar has healed and you feel ready.


How much does it cost?

£48 for 6 weeks.


Do I lose a class if I don't attend?

Yes but you are welcome to catch up the missed session by attending a similar suitable class within 2wks if missing a class.


Can I bring my baby?

Yes babies are welcome until the are mobile. Baby car come in their car seat, there is an play area set up and your welcome to bring anything you think will make them more comfortable (bumbo/bouncy seat ect).


When can I start?

Postnatal pilates is suitable for mums once they have had their 6 wk check (c-section between 8 to 12wks after delivery)


What if my baby cries?

Don't worry you can settle them if you need to, fed or change them. Do what ever you would do at home.