Core & More Postnatal Exercise Class

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Maximum 8 ppl

Strengthen & Move your body

& get some fresh air.


This a small group course based at Upton Court Park starting Wednesday 21st 10.15am to 11.00am which will get your heart rate up, functional moves to strengthen your glutes, legs, back and upper body and release work to ease comon aches and pains. 


 This class is pelvic floor friendly and will show you how to stregntehn you core correctly and effectivly.  


THis is a small class to allow friendships to be made as I know this is so important whe you spend your days with a little one especially after lockdown.


We will: 

- Re-engage your core.

- Improve your flexibility.

- Reduce aches & pains.

- Strengthen you pelvic floor.

- Suitable for c-section mums.

- Babies Welcome in pushchairs

- Make new mummy friends (bring a blanket and cuppa for after) 


Suitable from 6wk check/ 8-12wks post-c-section


Benefits of Core & More


- Strengthens pelvic floor following pregnancy and labour to reduce risk of incontinence & prolapse of the abdominal organs.

- Functional Exercises - so you can move safely as a new mum. 
- Realigns abdominal muscles and strengthens them to help improve appearance safely and effectively. This helps reduce lower back ache
- Strengthen deeper core back muscles to reduce lower back ache so that the superficial muscles relax.
- Relieves tension in the upper back muscles often tight following pregnancy and hours of feeding the little one.
- Increases relaxation which helps reduces stress and postnatal depression.
- Meet other new mums in the local area

  • Includes:

  • Access to online postnatal pilates to complete in your own time,
  • Meditation,
  • Pelvic floor video's
  • Holistic Core REstore (r) Rel-ease session online
  • & positive affirmations.

Start Dates:

21st April 3 Places Remain (as of 18/03/21)

                    6th June  6 Places Remain (as of 18/03/21)


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FYI - unsuitable exercises for postnatal women include runnning, jumping exercises, planks, crunches, reverse curls


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