Prepared for Labour & Beyond


The 4th Trimester


Preparing for the arrival of baby probably has probably been your main focus for the last few months from travel systems, to nursery colours to babies first outfit but preparation for your 4th trimester is essential to aid your recovery and healing after baby gets here.


The first presenntation will guide you through different ways to support and enhance your recovery. Labour and caring for baby is covered in antenatal classes but what about you? You will receive your own PDF with tips and advice.

This 45minute session looking at support, nutrition, posture, connecting with your core, lifting correctly and so much more. 

How to enhance your postnatal recovery and what slows it down.

Preparation before baby gets here is so important. It is such a massive learning curve when they do arrive and often you forget about you but with support and guidance you can have a great plan in place.

Are you coming towards the end of your Pregnancy and want to be as prepared as possible in your early Post Natal days?


Common Aches and Pains as a New Mum

Simple startgies and techniques to ease common aches and pains, to help prevent them from getting worse and keeping you comfortable given your new job as a mum.


Return to Exercise
Explain about the function of the pelvic floor, what is normal and not and explain how to perform the Pelvic Floor exercises and when to do them after having a baby.

What exercises are suitable posnatally & what is not.

What to do if you are having pelvic floor issues and what can help to stregthen your pelvic floor functionally.
Breathing & Relaxation for labour

Being able to relax and breath correctly during labour can make a big difference. It can empower you to have a positive birth experience. By focusing on your breath you will be to aid you body to relax and produce the correct hormones to allow labour to progress.  If you are stressed and feeling out of control your body goes into fight or flight and pumps the blood to your legs so that you can literally run away - I sure youhave heard of frends getting to hopsital and labours slow down or stop. This is why but if you can stay focused on your breath and prevent your body from going into panic mode your body will contiue in the birthing process. 

By practing what happens during the stages of labour - when it comes to the real thing you don't panic but know what to do and this in turn will help keep you relaxed and in the right frame of mind.


During the relaxation you will:

Spend time thinking what you will do during your labour.

Learning active birth positions

Learn how to breath correctly during labour

Several relaxation techniques

How to stay deeply relaxed when going into situation's which could stress you (eg arriving at hospital)

Practice will help these skills to become 2nd nature to you so that when your labour begins you know what to expect and what to do. We do deep breathing, relaxation breathing, use affirmations, touch, movement, and vocalisation. When it comes to your labour you might find one thing works better than the other.


Relaxation during pregnancy is wonderful for both you and baby too. It helps to reduce stress, increase your sense of well being and gives you time to focus on baby - so as part of the course there are shorter relaxations you can do regularly.


Prepared for Labour & Beyond Online Course


This a comprehensive course to cover education and skills often missed in antenatal education with a focus on breathing and relaxation tecniques to empower you for a calm and smoothier birth, what you need to do to prepare yourself for your 4th trimester, useful stretches and techniques to use in the 4th trimester to gentle ease common aches and pains.


Presented to you in a series of online videos which you can watch at in your own time, practice the breathing and relaxation techniques until they become 2nd nature to you, prinatable downloads to use before and after yout labour.


What is included in the course


Part 1:  Prepared for the 4th trimester presentation.

            Jump with Confidence Presentation.


Part 2:  Selection of self-help strategies (VIDEO) for common aches and pains in the postnatal period:

             Upper back, Chest & Neck

             Lower Back

             Wrist & Forearm

             Hips & Glutes

Part 3:  Full breathing and relaxation session

            10minute short relaxation

             Affirmations video.

Bonus: Guided relaxation, affirmations for a new mum & voucher for a free Holistic Core Restore (r) Release Session.

Costing a total of £24.00 please click here to purchase your course. Once you have purchased your course you will recive a email with a link to your course and passwords to access you video's.