C-Section Recovery is challenging for many women and a deeper approach is required to ensure that their recovery is truly an inside-out affair.  C-Section mums simply need more help and I am extensivly trained to assist you in your deep recovery and return to fully functional abdominals. During this process there needs to be a deep assessment of the woman’s core strength and connection and then a programme involving hands on massage therapies, nutrition, scar tissue release, postural re-alignment work before we finally get to the  ‘core restoring’ exercise part of the puzzle. C-Section mums simply need more help and I am trained to assist you in your deep recovery and return to awesome, fully functional abdominals.


No matter how long ago you experienced a C-Section type incision and for whatever reason, if you are experiencing discomfort, the C-Section Recovery Programme will empower you to exercise confidently and give you a better looking tummy, that you thought wasn’t possible ever again.


This programme does not have a sit-up in sight, focusing on healing INSIDE OUT. It is a smart, modern movement programming to get your Core ‘fit’ and functioning again!  This is a BESPOKE programme for you, to achieve your goals! No one-size fits all here!



·       Do you feel disconnect to your tummy and Pelvic Floor since your C-Section?

·       Do you have a painful or uncomfortable C-Section scar that you want to free?

·       Does your scar hurt after any lifting or an exercise session?

·       Have you noticed a change in your bowel movements since your C-Section?

·       Are you a woman  who wants to know more about her Pelvic Floor, Core and overall health?

·       Do you have ‘lower back pain’ issues that you’ve been told is due to a ‘weak Core’?

·       Have you experienced the odd leak when jumping, running, laughing or sneezing and know that that’s a sign that you need to take control of your Pelvic Health?


If you’ve answered YES to the above questions, THIS PROGRAMME IS MOST LIKELY FOR YOU!



Please get in contact with me so we can have a chat about your history and what you would like to acheive.  If we are a great fit I will work out a plan for you. One to One sessions are available via zoom. (Scar massage session's returning from the 12th April click here for more infomation)


You programme is ALWAYS utterly bespoke and I will completely tailor my advice to your needs and ‘meet you EXACTLY where you are now’ - I will ensure the homework is managable and support over a time-frame that suits your needs. This plan typically consist of Soft Tissue Therapy (Massage), then movement and exercise and clear advice on nutrition to support your recovery.


Empowiering and educating women is my priority, you’ll also receive our ‘Client Education Booklet’ and suggestions for self-care to improve your well being and results. 


For the ‘exercise’ portion of this programme, this will be progressive and you will have access to suitable homework to suport your goals. You will be supported on what you need to do and when to get the best results possible.


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A 75 minute workshop covering:


  • Understanding how a scar can effect your core and guidance to improve your breathing and core activation.
  • Breathing & Core Activation.
  • Healing and nutrition guidance.
  • Release work to ease aches and pains.
  • Self massage techniques on abdominals and obliques.
  • 2 to 3 simple scar techniques to use at home regularly on your scar (including online video).

***suitable for ppl who have had abdominal surgery & benefical no matter how old your scar in***

*** you must be 12 weeks post surgery ***