Holistic Core Restore® ZenWoman®

ZenWoman® is a 7 week mindfulness, gratitude and beginners meditation course.  Overall, a meditation practice can be seen as a form of mindfulness. In this course, we'll mainly focus on being mindful on the breath and monitoring our breathing cycle as a means of anchoring to the present moment.

The classes will be online via Zoom so you can join from the comfort of your own home and include a journal to be completed over the 7 week course.

The start of each course will comprise of a welcome sesson, an introduction to the programme and the first week a review of your mindfulness self audit.  You'll then take part in a meditation, the style and focus will alter each week but to improve your endurance, the duration of each meditation will increase each week as the course progresses.  Each week you will have a task to complete to help you on your journey to living more mindfully and in the present moment.



Life is busy and if you crave time to focus on yourself this coure can help acheive this. Comit to a weekly session and be encouraged to practice what you learn over the 7 weeks.
If you want to focus on self improvement and self-care.
If you are aware that you slip into the black hole of devices and you want ot change this.
Course Dates
3rd March 2022 8.30pm Book now for  £49.00