C-Section Recovery
Optimum C Section Recovery

Taking these steps with Simple-Changes can help you have a optimum C-section recovery. The process is bespoke but will include the following:


1) Soft Tissue work/massage

Following surgery many muscles can become tight as posture changes to protect the scar and the are often many posture changes that remain following pregnancies. Soft tissue work allows for some improvement in these muscles and helps to release them so that you are optimally alignment.


2) Switching on your core muscles and ensuring that they you know how to activate them correctly using your breath. When there is pain in the body the correct core muscles switch off and other muscles kick in to stabilise the body (eg muscles in the front of the hips, lower back and back of the thighs)


3) Building strengthen in the core and returning to functional exercise.


4) Nutritional Advice and Guidance.


5) Relaxation and lifestyle advice.


6) Homework to do at home such as stretches and releases and mini core programmes.

There are options to do this privately though one2one sessions or a mixture of one to one sessions, small group sessions or classes. If you would like to discuss this further to workout the best plan for you please get in contact with Simple-Changes

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C Section Recovery

Following the arrival of your little one you might be wondering what, when and

how to return to exercise following a c-section.


Your scar may not feel right, with pulling sensations.

Your scratching your head to why your pelvic floor is not working right as you didn't birth your baby through your vagina.

You want to ensure what you do enables you to have the best recovery.



Following a c-section you can start to plan to restart exercise around the 8 to 12 week mark after you have had you 6wk check and your scar has healed.

C-Section Recovary Package Click Here

  1. 1 x 90 Inital Consultation & Soft Tissue Massage Session
  2. 5 x Personal Training 60mins Sessions
  3. Home Work Kit/ Mini Programe
  4. Simple-Changes Tips for protecting your pelvic floor.