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Birth Story - 1st Time Mums speedy labour :)

Posted on 11/25/2018 by SuperUser Account in #breathingandrelaxationfor pregnancy positive birth pregnancy pilates calm birth simple-changes pregnancy exercise

Sandeep who attended pregnancy pilates lovely birth story :)

"I started pregnancy Pilates and mums to be classes at 5 months into my pregnancy.  I wanted to keep fit and healthy even though some days all I wanted to do was stay in bed.  Natasha was a brilliant coach.  I suffered with pelvic pains and then had sciatica.  Natasha encouraged me to continue to attend her classes and gave me alternative exercises so I was comfortable at all times.  

One Saturday morning 1.5 weeks before my due date I had some bleeding, I called the hospital and as a precaution they asked me to go in.  After monitoring me they decided to induce me that day.  After continuous monitoring they realised I had started to contract naturally so they decided not to induce me.  I was only 1cm dilated at this point and they didn't think I was going to have the baby for at least 24 hours.

After sitting around in the hospital all day, my husband (Jags) took me for a walk around the hospital and that's when I noticed the tightening of my stomach was becoming more frequent (4/5 mins apart). Jags was not allowed to stay past 10pm as I was still in the assessment ward.  I was't in much discomfort at this point.  Once he left I was checked again and was 2cm dilated, and within the hour the pains started.  I was told that the pressure is due to the babies head being very low and that I was not expected to give birth anytime soon and was given paracetamol and codeine. During this time I sat on the pregnancy ball that was provided.  This helped me allot through the contractions. I eventually managed to get onto the bed and on the second contraction my waters broke.  I called for the midwife and then rang Jags to come asap.  I was wheeled into the labour room where they wanted to check how far dilated i was... as the midwife was about the check she said she didn't need to as she could see the babies head.  I was given gas and air during pushing, I asked for water as my throat was so dry which Idrank in  between  pushing as well as calling Jags to find out how far he was. They were quite surprised how calm.i was through all of this.  

After a few pushes baby Aaron was born.  Jags arrived 5 mins later. Overall my active labour was 1 hour and 14 mins. The midwives were quite shocked at how quick it all went.  

I truly think attending Natasha's classes played a huge part in this. The breathing techniques and relaxation section of Natasha's classes were a godsend!! I always thought that I would have the longest labour and most probably have a c section and boy was I wrong! "