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Chrissy's Wonderful Water Birth

Posted on 2/24/2020 by SuperUser Account

Chrissy Birth Story of her first baby - little Leo ;) (weighing in at 9lbs 7oz)

"I read the Positive Birth Company book to learn about Hypnobirthing. I picked bits from the book that worked for me and the aspects I knew I’d be able to put into practice such as breathing, visualisation and understanding my body during labour.

It helped me to feel relaxed and positive about labour - and excited! I also attended Natasha's preparation for labour session which was really key in helping me to practice the techniques.

Leo arrived two days after his due date - my waters breaking in the early hours the day after his due date and contractions starting shortly after. I starting my breathing and using the exercise ball straight away. I managed at home doing this and with paracetamol I got to 7cm.

I went straight to the labour ward birthing pool, still breathing in for four and out for eight! It was calm, quiet and the lights made it very relaxing. I felt completely in control.

I got into position, gas and air to hand and the relaxing music playing. The midwife was amazing, allowing me to lead the whole birth and was silent (apart from occasional advice and encouragement) Eight hours later Leo was born!

It was honestly a truly incredible experience, so calm and strangely beautiful!

We worked out that I counted my breathing and listening to the relaxing music for approx 24 hours (from the first slight contractions to the moment he was born!) but getting into that zone and knowing what was happening with my body really did help!"
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