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Positive Induction

Posted on 5/2/2019 by SuperUser Account in positive birth calm birth simple-changes induction

A lovely positive birth story of a 2nd time mum experience of labour and having a induction.

"So, induction! If someone would have asked me about induction for labour a couple months ago, I would have cringed first and answered after. Prior to about 5 weeks ago, I had very negative connotations attached to induction. Having heard stories of prolonged periods of labour once induced, women being induced and staying hospitalised in intense pain for days and days, stories of failed inductions leading to C sections and what not. I was way too focused on finding the whole process terrifying and kept telling myself 'oh it wont happen, ill go into labour naturally'. 
My 1st experience with childbirth was quite long and unpleasant, even with epidural. I was overdue but went into labour naturally. However, my labour was back to back, I lost a tonne of blood and had an episiotomy which took months to heal. I really wanted to avoid any glitches this time and did all I could to have a better experience. Hence, I took a more proactive approach this time. I signed up for Natashas pregnancy exercise class every Saturday and the pregnancy pilates class every week too. I wasn't sure what to expect but they ended up being incredibly helpful. I learnt about pelvic floor exercises, calming techniques and breathing exercises. Not to mention, the classes kept me very very active and kept the endorphins going too. I attended as often as I could for a few months. I also took better care of my body this time by getting regular pregnancy massages throughout, and getting reflexology done in my last trimester. Furthermore, I took on meditation with calming music from the pilates class and practiced my breathing at home.
Fast forward to due date and no baby, I ended up being overdue and was offered an induction at 12 days post due date. As much as I had hoped for a natural labour, it seemed like it wasn't gonna happen..my uterus is way too hospitable it seems! My babies just want to stay cosy past due dates! Needless to say, induction was inevitable this time. 
I went into hospital on the 28th of March for my induction process to be started. After taking my vitals, scanning to check baby's position and monitoring me for a while, they decided to induce with a pessary. I was petrified and so so anxious. This is when the breathing exercises started coming in handy, especially with the internal examinations. They induced me at 11.45 am- expecting nothing to happen for ages. However, much to mine and everyone else's surprise, contractions began at just after 12pm. I went for walks around the hospital and after a little while could feel the baby definitely going further and further down. By about 1.30/2pm I was having intense contractions with no respite in between.
I got on the birthing ball a few times, leaning forwards, which really supported my body during contractions. It was all happening very fast but in a good way! I wanted it to continue smoothly and I wanted to keep myself calm throughout, so on came the meditation music and the breathing exercises, which really greatly helped keep the flow going.
At around 3pm, they decided to take the pessary out as it got way too intense and I was at 4cm dilation. They stuck me on to the monitor every so often to monitor myself and baby closely. Shortly after this, I asked for gas and air before the epidural. Sidenote: gas and air, BLOODY AMAZING! honestly dont know why I knocked it down the first time! 
Anyhew..moving forward, contractions became even more intense. My midwife examined me again at around 5.15ish and I was very close to full dilation. My waters broke quite soon after that. Epidural was definitely out of the question. My antenatal midwives, who were awesome btw, rushed me to the labour ward on a wheelchair. It's all such a haze after that. I laboured a bit more after that in the labour room, using gas and air and before I knew it, it was time to push! A few pushes and two bruised hands (my husband's and my sister's) later, out came baby boy at 18.38pm. It happened so quick that the antenatal midwives didnt even have enough time to switch over to the labour ward midwives! 
Ill be honest, it was the most amazing experience!! I was expecting something totally different! Turns out, induction can be brilliantly positive too..its just mind over matter at the end of the day. I felt empowered and so in control after this birth experience..baby number 3 actually sounds appealing now!! 😉 Very grateful to Natasha from Simple Changes for being an awesome instructor and being so hands on with all the information any pregnant lady would need. Would recommend her to all expecting ladies!
Lastly, I  couldnt have had this experience without my awesome birthing partners, my husband, Aleem and my sister, Mariam. They cheered me on and kept me going throughout and proved to be the pillars of support I needed. If possible ladies, during labour, have someone you trust by your side to make the experience even more memorable xxxxxxx"
Sanah, Wraysbury March 2019