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Preparing for Labour & Beyond

Posted on 3/18/2019 by SuperUser Account in #breathingandrelaxationfor pregnancy #birthpreparation positive birth calm birth simple-changes #activepregnancy 4th trimester

The first Simple-Changes Preparing for Labour & Beyond Workshop was held on Saturday in Datchet. Attended by 8 mums2be in their 3rd trimester - a lovely session working through how to prepare for the 4th trimester and a luxurious 45minute breathing & relaxation session. Which left the mum2be feeling empowered and knowledgeable on how to prepare for an optimum 4th trimester and totally relaxed.

Simple-Changes held their first Prepared for labour and beyond workshop and it was amazing. Giving the expecting mums the knowledge on how to look after themselves in the 4th trimester and beyond.


The mums learnt:

  • Postnatal care for self,
  • Vital Pelvic floor information,
  • Positions for labour stages,
  • Variety of positions for birthing,
  • Breathing for relaxation & birth,
  • Importance of nutrition before & after birth.

We dicussed when to return to exercise after birth and what was safe and what wasn't. The mums were shown some useful streches/releases for the postnatal period and shown how to use a spikey massage ball to release tension in muscles.


Feedback included:

" Absolutely fantastic course! Thank you Natasha for sharing these techniques & tips for birthing and beyond, and for being a constant support and fountain of knowledge! Would highly recommend to anyone in the run upto their birth, especially if feeling anxious or overwhelmed. "


The next course is running on the 18th May 11.30am to 1.30pm. Limitted to 10 attendees.

Early Bird Package: Prepared for Labour & Beyond + Pregnancy Massage - 15% Discount £75.50 Available until 30th March. Limited to 10ppl early booking is advised. To book click here


Prepared for Labour & Beyond Workshop - Click here