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Simple-Changes Tips for a Postive birth

Posted on 11/19/2018 by SuperUser Account in #pregnancypilates #simple-changes #pregnancypersonaltrainer braininlabour #breathingandrelaxationfor pregnancy #birthpreparation

Simple-Changes tips for a positive birth. Preparation is key and here are some tips to help you along the way.

1) Read: Guide to Child Birth by Ina May



2) Hypnobirth Course/Book/Online


Hypnobirth is amazing - by understanding the birthing process you can feel more confidant going into labour :)


If you are going to book a course I recommend Mandy Mole who I did my hypnobirth course with and a refresher :)


If you are going to read a book I recommend Katherine Graves Hypnobirth


3) Learn how to breath and relax correctly for labour and practice, practice, practice (on the sofa, in your bedroom, in the car any where you you might be when in labour)


4) Maternity Tens Machine – This works by:


  • the electrical pulses disrupt pain signals from reaching your brain

  • stimulates your body to release endorphins – your bodies natural pain reliver

  • it helps you to feel in control of your labour

  • it offers a distraction from your contractions as you have to focus on pressing the boost button.


5) Understand about the birth process, what speeds up and slows down labour. Find out why oxytocin is your best friend during labour and why you want lots of it.


6) Use BRAIN during labour -


Benefits – what are the benefits

Risks – what are the risks

Alternatives – what are the alternatives

Implications – what could happen if I do this?

Nothing – what happens if I do nothing?


7) Stop people telling you their negative birth stories and watch some lovely ones on u tube like ethis one (get some tissues!) click here