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"Love love the Pilates classes Natasha runs. Following physiotherapy for a weak back I was encouraged to try Pilates but finding a class was tough but after seeing Natasha (I've taken a few of her classes over the years) ran a class Tuesday evening meant I had no excuse! Two months in and I can feel the difference. Stronger core, relaxed shoulders and less painful back. It's a tough class if you strive to push yourself but very relaxing too. Love it!!" *

Alpha, Langley, June 2014


Natasha's inclusive approach allows beginners and intermediates to participate in Pilates side-by-side. Her class helps keep my back strong while providing some much-needed relaxation in a busy week."*

Tessa, Datchet, July 2012

Pregnancy Pilates

 I found out about Natasha's classes online when I was expecting baby number 1. I'm a gym lover but found it hard to keep up with my normal exercises at the gym during my pregnancy. Natasha gave excellent advice and I learnt some very good stretches from her Pilates class which I still carry out till this day. I would definitely recommend these classes to every expecting mother and it is a great way to meet other people who are experiencing the same thing. Natasha is very approachable and helpful, I will definitely be attending future classes.*
Ritica, Slough, September 2016

I have loved every minute of Natasha's classes. I go 3 times a week but wish I could go everyday. The exercises have not only made my pregnancy easier but have helped with a decade long back problem too. I find Natasha very approachable and knowledgable. She is always willing to offer advice and often knows someone who can help if it's something she doesn't do herself. I'm selfishly going to miss attending these classes due to Natasha's maternity leave! I couldn't recommend her or the classes enough. Thank you.*
Michelle, Windsor,  May 2016

I found the Simple Changes website when I was looking for safe exercise options early on in my pregnancy and joined the pregnancy Pilates class at around 12 weeks. I'd never done Pilates before but following Natasha's instructions was easy and she was always on hand to make sure we were doing things correctly. It was a great way to keep in shape during pregnancy and the exercises really helped with the aches and pains - on the weeks when I wasn't able to go, I felt the difference! -*
Marie, Windsor, May 2016

I started Natasha's postnatal pilates classes after having my first baby. The classes helped me regain muscle tone and strength and were a really nice way to invest a bit of time in me (a bit of a luxury as a new mum) whilst also being able to enjoy my new baby. I then moved on to general pilates and ladies boot camp. Boot camp was a really fun class and I almost forgot I was exercising (until I felt it afterwards!). I was hooked on pilates and really looked forward to a good workout in a relaxing environment (a nice break with a busy toddler at home). I carried on with the pregnancy pilates and exercise classes which helped me to feel fit and energised throughout my second pregnancy. Natasha was also a great support throughout this pregnancy, always on hand with advice and sharing knowledge, some of which was totally invaluable and left me wondering how I'd managed without her words of wisdom through my first pregnancy! I also feel the classes really benefitted me in my postnatal recovery.  Natasha's really attentive and good at adjusting exercises where necessary so although you're exercising in a group, your workout is tailored to you. Having recently had my second baby I can't wait to get back to Natasha's classes.*
Alice, Slough, January 2016

Postnatal Pilates

The post natal course was a great course to rebuild strength before moving on to the general pilates class. Natasha created a really relaxed environment where I felt comfortable to take a break to feed or change baby and didn't feel i had to worry about him being extra loud and shouting through classes! She's great at progressing exercises and making sure everybody's doing them right and Since moving on to the general class I can definitely feel the benefits. Would highly recommend both post natal & general pilates classes with Natasha!*

Alice, Slough, May 2014

"I jumped at the chance to sign up for the postnatal Pilates class (having never done Pilates before) I wanted a class that was at a convenient time and    would help me start strengthening my core after child birth. I wasn't disappointed Natasha helped me work at my own pace while ensuring that we were targeting the problem areas like abdominal separation and pelvic floor. After 6 weeks I felt and saw a noticeable difference, felt stronger and generally more relaxed. "*


Smruti, Datchet, July 2013

Mums2Be Pregnancy Exercise Class

"I found it a positive experience and felt good for taking part every week. Each exercise had a gentler or more challenging option, depending on your ability and the stage of your pregnancy. The exercises collectively, focused on a good all over body conditioning, and also taught us about good posture, which was really important when carrying such a heavy front load! I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to keep fit, have an active pregnancy and have fun at the same time.

I believe that exercising under the correct guidance in this way, contributed to a smoother and happier pregnancy, where I had fewer of the complaints such as backache, fatigue and breathlessness."*
Claire Simmons, Datchet -  Oliva  born Feb 2008

  "I joined the Mums2Be pregnancy exercise classes 16 weeks into my pregnancy and I can honestly say it was a wise decision – I’m certain that my work with Natasha truly helped me get through pregnancy and labour far more easily than if I’d sat idle!
Natasha’s knowledge and expertise in training pregnant women was very re-assuring. She explained each exercise routine in-depth; provided simple exercises that could be done every day at home; and provided a great deal of motivation and encouragement to get through pregnancy.  
I attended the Mums2BE pregnancy exercise classes until I was 36 weeks pregnant, and even then Natasha didn’t let me leave without providing me with some excellent advice that would help me get my stomach muscles back into some short of shape straight after giving birth to my baby girl...

As it transpired, my labour was 14 hours long and exhausting, but my preparation through the Mums2Be pregnancy exercise classes helped keep my body strong and capable enough to get me through such stress.  The weeks after the birth with a newborn are very demanding, but my body has healed at tremendous pace, all of which I attribute to keeping myself fit and active during pregnancy.
Another benefit of attending the pregnancy exercise classes is that I got to know other Mums-to-be.  I have made some great friends for life.

Oh, and Natasha’s advice on tightening my tummy muscles straight after the birth has certainly paid off: I was back into my size 10 skinny jeans only a week after giving birth!"*

Najoua Salem-Johnson and her baby daughter, Old Windsor,  Elle Johnson, born 31st July 2010

 "I had joined the Mums 2 Be pregnancy exercise class when I was 12 weeks pregnant and have been going every week since, I now have 6 weeks left.  I have enjoyed it very much and the exercises are very good in keeping you fit
and are well suited to pregnancy.  I always feel invigorated after the class.  I have made some good friends too.... I would recommend it for

every pregnant lady!"*


Clare, August 2010 Jack born 17 September 2010


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Ladies Total Body Work-Out

"I’m so glad that I found this class. The time always seems to go really quickly and because Natasha changes the exercises all the time it never gets boring and you always come away feeling like you’ve had a good workout. It’s a really friendly group and everyone works at their own pace - I’d definitely recommend it to others. " *

Claire, Maidenhead, September 2014


"The unimaginable has happened! After a 6wk term of bootcamp and mat pilates i have actually lost a dress size! I am so pleased with these results, and without even dieting. Arms starting to tone too. Having gone from an intense pre-baby exercise regime, to absolutely nothing post-baby, and for almost 3yrs, i am so happy to find a class which is perfect for mums of young ones. Late enough for littlies to be in bed but not too late that you're already snuggled into the sofa. Bootcamp is a class with no hiding places so you have no option but to work your butt, but natasha is very good at easing you in at a level appropriate for you, so you can just about stay standing to the end. Thank goodness for a sensible instructor running a realistic schedule for us mums. "*


Kirsty, Datchet, May 2015

Pregnancy Pilates

Simple Changes mums to be pilates classes were excellent preparation for childbirth. The breathing exercises prepared me for the big day and the pilates exercises have helped my body recover quickly post birth. I really enjoyed the classes throughout my pregnancy and will continue with further postnatal classes to keep toned and fit.*
Crystal, Windsor, May 2015

Having suffered with a bad back in my first pregnancy I started pregnancy Pilates at 17 weeks with my second. I had no back ache, gained less weight and recovered more quickly. Natasha is extremely knowledgable and attentive and adjusts exercises to suit you as needed, would highly recommend both pregnancy and post natal classes which I am currently attending and already seeing the benefits.
Sarah, Windsor,  March 2015

I really enjoyed attending the antenatal pilates and Mums2be exercise classes. They helped me to remain active right up to the end of my pregnancy. I felt they helped strengthen my back and improve my posture and reduce my pregnancy related aches and pains. The pelvic floor exercises also put me in good stead for my postnatal recovery. Natasha modified any exercises that I found difficult as I progressed through my last trimester so that I could still get maximum benefit from the classes. I really enjoyed meeting other Mums and sharong our experiences. I look forward to attending postnatal pilates. I would thoroughly recommend these classes to any pregnant lady.*

Emma, Windsor -  Pryia born October 2013