Scar Massage


C-Section, Hysterectomy and Abdominal Scar Massage is a bespoke treatment to help aid healing and optimum functioning of your core. We work on the whole body, looking to get your moving optimally and without pain, to help yout tummy feel normal again.


Did you realise that C-section scars can cause pain, pulling across your belly, back pain and even pelvic floor and core dysfunction.

Do you?

Get pulling and tightness on your scar during normal activity or it develops after an increase load?

Want to improve your core functioning?

Feel disconnected from your core and body? 

Suffer with lower back pain?

Want to improve the appearance of your tummy and scar.

Feel that your tummy doesn't feel quite right.


What happens in a session?

Inital consultation:

1) Assessment of posture & breathing pattern.

2) Improving core connection with breath work. 

3) Diasasis recti check

4) Establish area's that are tight and causing pain and discomfort.

5) Estalish how your scar feels and how it effects yo daily.

6) Soft tissue work to whole body as needed to gently release stuck and tight muscles. 

7) Possibly work on your scar (depending on if you are ready for this)


 At the end of our treatment I will give you some homework to help continue the work I have started, which can be a combination of breath work, releases or core exercises in a video format.



A range of techniques will be used and if you are comfortable I will begin to gently work on your scar,  through a sheet if this makes it more comfortable for you. The scar therapy is a very delicate, very gentle treatment. There should be no pain or discomfort, the techniques are incredibly light. It is very gentle and forms small part of the massage and doesn't need to be completed on the first session.  I will show you how to massage scar and give you homework to do to aid the process, this can include stretches and or exercises and to help continue to heal your post natal and post surgery tummy.


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Why you need to look after your pelvic floor post c-section/adbominal surgery


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