Postnatal Massage

Postnatal Massage

A 60 minute session to ease aches and pains associated with motherhood.


Being a mum and looking after a new-born, small baby or toddler can really strain the body, from achy hips to sore upper or lower back, the massage is personalised for you to help ease the aches that you experience looking after your child. Prevention is so much better for you then treating for injuries.  So think about booking a regular massage to look after yourself as you look after others.  


Natural massage waxes are used to improve & moisturise the skin, a range of scents are available to help your relax, balance hormones or invigorate you.


If you are early postnatal or breast feeding the massage can be done in a side lying position, with pillow, s and bolsters to ensure your comfort.  


60 minutes to yourself to relax just what you need!   Babies are very welcome at these appointments but ideally if you hae childcare take the opportuinty for some self-care!



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Reconnect with your Core


Following the birth of you child, things feel different. Are you struggling to reconnect with your core? Unsure to what you should be doing? Do you hear the words engage your core and wonder what you should be doing.  In this postnatal massage I work with improving your posture and your breath initially as this is the foundation to engaging you core.


Tension can be held in the obliques and the abdominals which can stop you feeling the deep core muscles working.  Technique are used to relax and ease tension in these muscles. Following the soft tissue work I will guide you on how to engage your core.  


The session includes a diastasis recti check for abdominal separation, advice on recovery and guidance to a suitable exercise programme.  Holistic Core Restore (r) Diastasis is a specialised, personalised programme to help diastasis from the inside out. To read more click here

C-Section Scar Massage

This is a massage that will help improve how your tummy and C-section scar feel's.  I will work on improving your posture and any tension held in the body.  Often following a C-section there is tension held around the ribs, abdominals and obliques.  Often following a treatment there is a difference in how the tummy feels, softer, nicer and relaxed, clients don't realise how much tension is held until it is released.


A range of techniques techniques will be used and if you are comfortable I will begin to gently work on your scar, maybe through a sheet if this makes it more comfortable for you. The scar therapy is a very delicate, very gentle treatment. There should be no pain or discomfort, the techniques are incredibly light and help to reduce adhesions. It is very gentle and forms small part of the massage and doesn't need to be completed on the first session.  I will show you how to massage scar and give you homework to do to aid the process, this can include stretches and or exercises and to help continue to heal your post natal and post surgery tummy.


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Inital Session (75minutes) £60.00 Click Here

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1 x Inital Consultation (75mins) +  3 x Scar Massage Session  (60mins) £240

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3 x Scar Massage Sessions (60mins x 3) £170   Click here to book

6 x Scar Massage Sessions (60mins x 6 ) £330        Click here to book