Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage

A pregnancy massage to reduce common pregnancy aches and pains whilest leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and calm.

I have been trained as a massage therapist for over 15years and a have taken several additional qualifications in pregnancy and postnatal massage. The massages are safe and effective.  Often clients are surprised at the increase of movement at the end of a session.


The massage is tailored to your needs. Often the sessions involve working from the scalp down to the feet to release tension that has built up.

Based at the treatment rooms at Datchet and Eton Health Club.


Do you?


  • Want to feel less achy?
  • Want to relieve muscle tension?
  • Reduce hip, back and bum pain?
  • Increase mobility?
  • Improve your circulation to reduce swelling?
  • Sleep better at night?
  • Have a little time to focus on you and relax?
  • Be given clear advice and stretches to do at home to help keep you more comfortable?



  • Eases backaches, headaches, shoulder and neck aches that may be caused by muscle tension due to changes in posture.
  • Increases circulation which can help reduce water retention, haemorrhoids and varicose veins
  • Reduces fatigue and increase energy
  • Improves skin tone that can help reduce stretch marks
  • Helps reduce swelling in such places as hands and lower legs
  • Promotes relaxation and reduce stress




Datchet and Eton Health Club,

Pocklane Lane,


SL4 6HN. 

 Massage Multi Buy

3 massages £156.00

6 massages £300.00

Monthly Massage Package

Packages are available for a monthly massage to enable you save money and schedule a regular massage.


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3 x Pregnancy Massage 1 per month
6 x Pregnancy Massage 1 per month

Massage Multi Buy


3 massages £156.00

6 massages £300.00

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Gift Vouchers


Gift vouchers are available to treat your loved ones to a special relaxing pregnancy massage. Personally tailored to help reduce aches and pains and leave the expecting mum feeling totally relaxed and at ease.


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1 x Pregnancy Massage
3 x Pregnancy Massage


If your question is not answered here please get in contact.

Datchet and Eton Leisure, Pococks Ln, Eton SL4 6HN.
Pregnancy massage is safe and available to mum2be once they have had their 12 week scan. You can receive treatement for as long as you want.  Certain conditions may mean that you are not able to receive a pregnancy massage or will need to check with your doctor or midwife before receivng treatment. But if you pregnancy is straight forward and there are no complications there is no reason why you can enjoy and benfit from a pregnancy massage
The whole treatment is done lying on your side. Towels, cusions and bolsters are used to supoort you and your bump so that you can fully relax.
Once you have had your 12 week scan and hde a chat with your doctor or midwife telling them that you planning on starting an antenatal exercise class.. If there are no complications with the pregnancy then there should be no reason not to start once the pregnancy is well established.
You can join the class up until 32 weeks and continue until you feel you want to stop, it is an individual thing depending on how your pregnancy is progressing, I’ve had several mums continue until their due date.
Monthly is benfical to keep on top of little aches and pains so they don't become a bigger problem.
During the masage the abdomen doesn't get massaged. 
We use grape seed oil with no added essential oils. Grape seed oil is one of the best oils to use during pregnancy, as it’s perfect for massage and yet doesn’t leave greasy or sticky residue. Essential Oils are not used
£50.00 for a 60minute treatment
PLEASE NOTE THERE IS A 24HOUR CANCELLATION POLICY. A session can be moved with 24hrs notice.