Scar Massage



C-Section, Hysterectomy and Abdominal Scar Massage is a bespoke treatment to help aid healing and optimum functioning of your core. We work on the whole body, looking to get your moving optimally and without pain.


Do you?

Get pulling and tightness on your scar during normal activity or it develops after an increase load?

Want to improve your core functioning?

Suffer with lower back pain?

Want to improve the appearance of your tummy and scar.

Feel that your tummy doesn't feel quite right.





Datchet and Eton Health Club,

Pocklane Lane,


SL4 6HN.


Thursday, Friday & Saturday

Langley Clinic SL3 

What happens in a session?

During your initial consultation I will start by looking at your breathing, posture, how you are moving and how your core is functioning. We will work towards getting your core and breath working optimally and together. We will discuss how your scar feels and how it feels day to day. I will then begin to work above and below the scar, palpating gently and slowly releasing stuck and tight muscles. A range of techniques will be used and your feedback will be used throughout the session. Then, if you are happy I will begin to gently work on your scar, maybe through a sheet if this is making the process more comfortable for you. I will show you how to massage scar and give you homework to do to aid the process and to help maintain the results.


How many sessions do I need?

During the inital consultation I will assess and be able judge more accuratly how many sessions you need and how often. People often respond well with 4 sessions.


Scar Massage Packages:

1 x Inital Consultation (60mins)

3 x Scar Massage Session  (60mins) £210

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6 x Scar Massage Sessions (60mins) £330

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Why you need to look after your pelvic floor post c-section

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