Sports Massage
The effects of sports massage can benefit an individual physically by improving circulation. The deep nature of the massage helps the removal of waste products (lactic acid). During the massage muscles get stretched releasing tension. Physiologically it can help reduce pain by causing the body to release endorphins which blot out pain sensations in the brain. Psychologically massage can relieve anxiety before & after an event.
Sports massage can help relieve sport related injuries such as sprains & strains, tennis elbow, shin splints and frozen shoulder.  The deeper nature of the massage can be benefical for everyday aches and pains due to bad posture and day to day activities.

If you play a sport regularly such as golf, tennis or football a sports massage can help reduce stiffness related to the sport.





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Reduces tighness in muscles.
Improves circulation.
Reduces scar tissue formataion
Increase range of movement.
Reduces Injuries.
Reduces aches and pains.

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 “Before I found Natasha I was plagued with serious amounts of back neck and shoulder pain, which some days were only treatable with unhealthy amounts of prescription pain killers. I had tried everything and was pretty much resigned to the fact that all the years playing football, rugby and squash had left permanent and irreparable damage to my body. But after treatment, mostly sports massage and some great advice on stretching exercises I am almost completely without pain, and back on the squash court with a vengeance.
“Natasha has quite simply been a life changer for me.”
   K Plunkett, August 2010

 "I would have no hesitation recommending Natasha for a sports massage.
Having suffered with back and shoulder pain due to a past sports injury, I asked Natasha to see if she could help. Her massages are fantastic and she also recommended excercises to help improve my posture.
Following the massages I have noticed an immediate difference. My shoulder pain is no longer a problem!"

Suzi Rochford, January 2008
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