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A 30 minute class for those who want a fun and short work-out. Suitable for postnatal mums & those who want a pelvic floor friendly work-out (low impact) Burn calories, strengthen the body functionallyfor daily life and to strengthen the core. If you are early postnatal it is recommended that you attend postnatal pilates first.


Do you?

Want to lose weight?

Do this safely?

Tone and stregthen your body?

Reduce ache and pains?

Have more energy?

Get a sweat on and feel alive?


This class consists of a combination of low impact cadio, body weight exercises, resistance exercise and core focus on improving your tummy area.


Work at you own level and feel a difference fast. Using  over 16years experience working with women to create a unique class with fantastic results.


Want to know what you need to know about starting postnatal exercise?

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- Quick work-out challenging the whole body.

- Range of exercises to help you progress.

- Get your heart pumping to improve your health

- Increases endophins which helps reduces stress and makes you feel good.

- Work up a sweat safely to protect pelvic floor exercises.

- Reduce common aches and pains by strengthening essential postural muscles.

- Includes core exercises to flatten the tummy and strengthen the pelvic floor.


Membership Includes:

Access to private membership page.

1 New Hot & Sweaty Work-Out Per Week

Access to the Hot & Sweaty Work-Out Libary

Support Group to keep you motivates

Access to Pilates, Relaxation & Positive Affirmation

Access to a 30min taster session of Holistic Core Restore (r) Rel-ease

Live session - Hot & Sweaty Extra Saturday morning 8.00am


Exercise when you want and how often you want.


Only £27.00 per month


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You can cancel you subscription when ever you wish and your access will stop on the next payment day.




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