Pregnancy Pilates

Pregnancy Pilates

Pregnancy Pilates is restarting live from the 1st June.  The class focuses on maintaining core strength to help keep abdominal strong to reduce lower back pain, maintain strength in the pelvic floor and to help reduce time postnatally for the abdominals to flatten. You will be able to attend the class in Datchet, following the goverment recommendations to keep the location Covid 19 secure.  Natasha has been running pregnancy pilates classes for over 8 years



Every Tuesday  6.30pm to 7.30pm 

Book your 6 week course  £60.00


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Book your 6 week course & Pregnancy Massage  £105.00

Valid 6wks


Availablity: 3 Places remain 1/6/21


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For the class you will need a towel/exercise mat, small pilates ball (cushion), spikey ball or tennis ball and a resistance band. If you require kit you can purchase the items from me for £15.00. 


Please note if the Covid 19 cases increases the class may move online following goverment regulations.





























Do you?

Want to remain supple?                                     Physically strong for labour?
Strengthen you core? Learn how to relax and breath for labour?
Want a strong pelvic floor? Look after you physical and mental health?
Make new mummy friends? Exercise safely for you and your baby?
Friendly class? Mangage back/hip pain?
Relax and feel good? Reduce Stress?
Experienced instructor?  



Benefits of Pregnancy Pilates


- Reduces lower & upper back ache.

- Increase circulation helping reduce swelling & varicous veins.

- Improves sleep

- Reduces stress good for mum2be and baby.

- Improves mood and body image.

- Strengthen core for faster postnatal recovery.