Scar Work Therapy

Based on the techniques of Sharon Wheeler, this therapy can help ease tension in your scar, improve appreance and reconnect with your body. The work is light & gentle. It is calming and works on diffrent layers of the skin & fascia.  

Scar Therapy Benefits: 

  • - Release tension and tightness held in the scar that causes discomfort,
  • - Increase in mobility & movement.
  • - Improve appearance of a scar.
  • - Improve mobility in fascia & muscles.
  • - Improve Healing.
  • - Reconnect with your body.
  • - Reduction referred pain.
  • - Release of emotional trauma & Supports Emotional Healing
  • - Desensitization of the scar


Scars from surgery - including knee, hip, shoulder replacements, cancer surgery (to receive treatment you need to be 5 years in remission)

C-Section, hysterectomy

Key hole surgery


Cosmetic Surgery

Scars from Injury


What happens in your initial session?

 1) Detailed health screening and discussion about your scars.

2) Discussion about why you are here and what your would like to achieve.

3) Assessment of posture & breathing pattern.

4) Establish areas that are tight and causing pain and discomfort.

5) Establish how your scar feels and how it effects you daily.

6) Light touch scar therapy guided by you and your body to gently release stuck and tight muscles. 


 At the end of our treatment I will give you some homework to help continue the work I have started, which can be a combination of breath work, releases or core exercises.


How many sessions do I need?

This varies from person to person and scar to scar. Most people benefit from 3 to 4 sessions with 3 week gap in-between sessions.  We will discuss the treatment plan in the first session.






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