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Supporting women through pregnancy, postnatally, perimenopause and beyond.

I’m  Natasha and I have helping women feel great for the last 20years.

 I am a Holistic Core Restore Coach ®  and this focuses on pelvic health – 1 in 3 women suffer with incontinence and this doesn’t have to be a way of life. Being showed the right exercise can strengthen the pelvic floor and leave you feeling confident and being in control of your bladder!

Highly Qualified in:

  • Strengthening the Pelvic Floor & Core
  • Return to exercise after abdominal surgery including:  C-Section, Hysterectomy & Prolapse repair.
  • Diasis Recti
  • C-Section & Abdominal Scar Massage
  • Pregnancy & Postnatal Massage
    Working with more complicated pregnancies – IVF, twin mums, gestational diabetes, pelvic girdle pain & more.
  • Holistic Core Restore
  • Scar Therapy Work


Designed for womens bodies

Massage & Soft Tissue Release

Massage therapy specifically for women

Amanda StreetAmanda Street
16:50 02 Jul 24
Absolutely amazing result and only after 2 sessions!Natasha is so knowledgeable and dedicated and a real gem to findI have always resisted anyone touching my reconstruction scar but now would not hesitate recommending this to anyone wanting to feel better.So grateful for Natasha’s expertise and caring
S KaurS Kaur
10:16 15 Jun 24
I have been attending Pilates sessions with Natasha for over 7 years. From pregnancy Pilates to post pregnancy and to weekly Pilates sessions. Natasha is very attentive and always tailors exercises to your needs and abilities. Highly recommend her classes especially if you have tight shoulders and an achy back. The stretches really help. Plus the relaxation session at the end is the best bit!
18:19 15 May 24
Full body stretch, releases muscles, tests balance and strength best pilates class in last 15 years
Clare JalliClare Jalli
19:07 13 May 24
I attended pregnancy pilates with Natasha throughout my pregnancy. I found the class really enjoyable way to move especially as I got bigger. Natasha is very knowledgeable and when I found out my baby was breech and then transverse she gave me extra advice on exercises to move baby into a head down position...which worked a treat. I also had 2 pregnancy massages with her which were just what I needed when feeling heavy and achy. I will definitely be returning to Natasha's class to aid in my postpartum recovery.
Rebecca FenlonRebecca Fenlon
14:41 06 May 24
I was holding so much tension in my lower abdomen following my c section, and the c section therapy massage helped so much! Definitely recommend for any mum who is feeling like something just seems off with her scar, even when it looks fully healed.
Freyja BarterFreyja Barter
20:00 29 Apr 24
I've worked with Natasha for a number of years and she has guided me through both of my pregnancies. I was looking for a personal trainer who specialised in women's health and pregnancy. Natasha has been amazing, leaving me feeling confident and strong after each session. I can't recommend her enough and will be booking in with her to help with my postnatal recovery. Thank you Natasha 😊
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