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Welcome to Simple-Changes

Passionate about women's health, helping women to live well from bump to beyond.

Hi, I'm Natasha, mum of two and I have been a personal trainer/massage therapist since 2004. I am passionate about women's health.  I help women improve their health, fitness, strength and mental wellbeing. 


I believe every woman should be empowered to look after her own health, which has a positive effect on her well being and those around her.


Highly Experienced in: 

  • - Strengthening the Pelvic Floor & Core
  • - Return to exercise after abdominal surgery including:  C-Section, Hysterectomy & Prolapse repair.
  • - Diasis Recti
  • - C-Section & Abdominal Scar Massage
  • - Pregnancy & Postnatal Massage
  • - Working with more complicated pregnancies - IVF, twin mums, gestational diabetes, pelvic girdle pain & more.
  • - Holistic Core Restore
  • - Scar Therapy Work


Simple Changes can make a world of difference. To schedule a informal chat about how Simple-Changes can help you please click here.

July Timetable

Tuesday                                           06.30pm                          Pregnancy Pilates                                Pregnant Mums

                                                          07.45pm                           Pilates                                                 All/Postnatal Mums

Thursday                                         7.00pm                             Holistic Core Resore (r) Everywoman Women who need to strengthen their core/pelvic floor



Saturday                                          08.00am                           Hot & Sweaty Xtra                            All/Postnatal Mums >5months                               


                                                          9.00am                             Pilates                                             All/Postnatal Mums



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Tel: 07984 417053

Email: natasha@simple-changes.co.uk

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