Ladies Total Body-Work Out

About Ladies Tone Circuit

Burn Calories,  Get Strong & Work up a Sweat!

This class is for ladies of all abilities who wish to

tone up, improve fitness, reduce stress and lose weight.

45 minute  to blast some calories.


This class is for ladies of all abilities who wish to tone up, improve fitness and lose weight. We have ladies of all ages, sizes and ability in class. 1

0minutes to stretch a little deeper and 5 minutes relaxation to end the class.

Exercise are shown at different levels so those who are low in energy can pick a suitable level and vice verse those who want to challenge themselves can.

Do You?

  • Want to start exercising at the right level and build up at your own pace?
  • Want your clothes to fit better and to feel more confidant?
  • Tone those wobbly bits (Back of the arms, inner thigh, bum & tum)?
  • Want to strengthen your body to reduce aches and pains?
  • Want to have a laugh and enjoy exercise?
  • Want to improve your health and energy levels?





Brilliant class whatever your fitness level. I hadn’t exercised for a long time and feel fitter and stronger now and love the class. Natasha is an expert in her field and has helped me re-engage with exercise. You work at your own level and exercises can be adapted to you, there’s always an option! I would not hesitate in recommending this class if you’re looking to exercise with like minded ladies in a fun environment! Thank you Natasha!
Samantha Holmes
Natasha Sahota is the best personal trainer I have ever had. Even during her classes you will get a lot of 1-2-1 attention... If you're looking for a fitness class, I'd say skip the gym membership and contact Natasha for her Total Body Work and Pilates classes instead! I joined Natasha's classes in summer 2014 and by winter 2014 I had dropped from a size 14 to a size 8! I then did some personal training with Natasha for 6 months which was great! I had to have a year off exercise during which time I put on some weight but since resuming classes in February 2017, 5 months ago, I have lost 1 stone already and more importantly I feel so good! #highlyrecommended 💯
Varinder Bhandal
I started attending Natasha’s Pilates classes last autumn to help with persistent neck and back pain, and saw a marked difference in just a few months. Since then I have joined the Ladies’ Total Body Workout class, and really look forward to the weekly sessions. I was dreading the first class as I used to avoid going to the gym, but the bootcamp sessions are so much more enjoyable and sociable too. Natasha motivates, pushes when necessary without over doing it, and makes the classes fun and varied - it’s never boring or repetitive and the 45 minutes fly by. I'm also significantly more motivated to stick to a healthier lifestyle thanks to Natasha’s tips on diet and nutrition. Most importantly of all, Natasha gives a very personal approach - she is able to tailor exercises if you have injuries or sore areas so you don’t exacerbate any problems. She is very knowledgable regarding muscle groups and I always feel in safe hands. I would highly recommend both the Pilates and the LTBW classes.
Louise Waller