Designed for women who want strong cores and to improve their posture. 

Small classes lead by a instructor with over 12 years experience.
I love teaching pilates, it is so effective and subtly challenges the mind and body.  My classes focus on 6 principles of Joseph Pilates. These are concentration, control, centring, flow, precision, and breathing to help you strengthen you core and improve your posture.
60minutes to focus on yourself, allowing you to focus on you away from the pressures and rush of everyday life. 

Do you want to?

1) Strengthen your core to reduce back/hip pain and improve pelvic floor function?

2) Relieve pain caused by bad posture.

3) Learn pilates in a safe small class and work at your own level?

 The classes are 60 minutes long. Class numbers are limited to 11 to allow for individual correction and tailoring .


  • Focus on core strengthening back, abdominals   and pelvic muscles.
  • Tones whole body &  flattens tummy.
  • Reduces stress by promoting deep breathing which increase and relaxation.



Datchet Baptist Church Hall,

62 London Rd


Parking & toilets available.


Tuesday 6.45pm & 7.45pm


Wednesday 9.40am


Saturday 9.00am

Additonal Info:

  • Please bring: Mat or Towel, Small Towel & water.
  • Please wear: comfortable clothes you can move in & wear socks (grip socks recommended)
  • Small Hand equipment supplied (pilates ring, spikey ball, resitance bands & small pilates ball)


8 Class Package

Available for £80.00

Book     Tuesday 6.40pm 


8 Classes £80.00 valid 10wks  

12 Class Package

Available for £120.00

Book     Tuesday 6.40pm 


12 Classes £120.00 valid 12wks  

*Please confirm any holidays etc so dates can be adjusted at booking


" I have been attending Natasha’s Pilates classes since January 2019 and they have helped me immensely with my flexibility following illness and shoulder problems. I am now so much more confident in myself and with what I can do physically. Natasha is very knowledgeable and patient and is happy to address individual needs within her classes without making anyone feel a nuisance. Natasha’s classes are friendly and relaxing and I would highly recommend her as a teacher."
Carolyn Ross
March 2019
"I have been at Natasha's Pilates class for 2 years. I have great flexibility problems and often struggle to do things that most people find easy. Natasha patiently tolerates this, subtly helping me without making me feel awkward, and somehow caters for all abilities in the class around me, letting us work simultaneously on 3 different levels. I have tried a gym based Pilates, and felt like I was a nuisance and not good enough for the very much larger class, and this doesn't happen with Natasha. I can't thank her enough. She has helped me no end and without her help, I would probably not be able to continue with my great passion for running."
Suzanne Gualton
"I started attending Natasha’s Pilates classes last autumn to help with persistent neck and back pain, and saw a marked difference in just a few months. Since then I have joined the Ladies’ Total Body Workout class, and really look forward to the weekly sessions. I was dreading the first class as I used to avoid going to the gym, but the bootcamp sessions are so much more enjoyable and sociable too. Natasha motivates, pushes when necessary without over doing it, and makes the classes fun and varied - it’s never boring or repetitive and the 45 minutes fly by. I'm also significantly more motivated to stick to a healthier lifestyle thanks to Natasha’s tips on diet and nutrition. Most importantly of all, Natasha gives a very personal approach - she is able to tailor exercises if you have injuries or sore areas so you don’t exacerbate any problems. She is very knowledgable regarding muscle groups and I always feel in safe hands. I would highly recommend both the Pilates and the LTBW classes."
Louise Waller