Pregnancy Pilates

About Pregnancy Pilates

Designed for expecting mums in their 2nd and 3rd trimester.

Pregnancy Pilates is on Saturday at 10.00am in Datchet.  The class has been running for over 12 years and there are 10 places. 


The class focuses on maintaining core strength to help keep abdominal strong to reduce lower back pain, maintain strength in the pelvic floor and to help reduce time postnatally for the abdominals to flatten.  We practice breathing and relaxation at the end of every class which you can use during your labour.
Join other expecting mums and share your experiences in a small friendly class.  
Can’t make the Saturday morning class, a new online class will be starting on Wednesday 12.15pm to 1.15pm please email for register your intrest:


  • Core Strength: Pregnancy Pilates focuses on strengthening the core muscles, including the pelvic floor. This can help support the added weight of the baby and improve posture during pregnancy.

  • Improved Posture: As the body undergoes changes during pregnancy, maintaining good posture can become challenging. Pregnancy Pilates encourages proper alignment, which can reduce common aches and pains experienced in pregnancy such as upper and lower back pain.

  • Pelvic Floor Health: Pregnancy Pilates targets the pelvic floor muscles, which play a crucial role in supporting the pelvic organs and can be weakened during pregnancy. Strengthening these muscles may reduce the risk of issues like incontinence. 

  • Flexibility: Pilates incorporates gentle stretching exercises that can enhance flexibility. This can be particularly beneficial for childbirth. 

  • Balance and Stability: Pregnancy Pilates includes exercises that focus on balance and stability. 

  • Stress Reduction:  Pregnancy Pilates can help reduce stress and anxiety levels. The mindful and controlled movements may also promote a sense of relaxation and improve sleep.

  • Preparation for Labour: Each class includes dedicated time to practice breathing and relaxation techniques that can be used during labour. 

  • Social Support: Meet other expectant mothers and share their experiences and tips for coping with the challenges of pregnancy.

  • Adaptability: Pregnancy Pilates exercises can be adapted to accommodate different fitness levels and stages of pregnancy. This makes it a suitable option for women throughout their pregnancy journey. You can attend class until your due and beyond if you are benefitting from attending class.

  • Postnatal Recovery: The core strength and pelvic floor conditioning gained through Pregnancy Pilates can contribute to a faster and more effective postnatal recovery.

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8 Class Package

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Book   Saturday 10.00am 

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8 Classes £80.00 valid 10wks  


" I attended pregnancy pilates with Natasha throughout my pregnancy. I found the class really enjoyable way to move especially as I got bigger. Natasha is very knowledgeable and when I found out my baby was breech and then transverse she gave me extra advice on exercises to move baby into a head down position...which worked a treat. I also had 2 pregnancy massages with her which were just what I needed when feeling heavy and achy. I will definitely be returning to Natasha's class to aid in my postpartum recovery."
Clare Jalli
June 2024
"I have been attending pregnancy Pilates with Natasha for a few months now and I can honestly say they are the highlight of my week. They not only increase my mobility during the usual pregnancy aches and pains but encourage strengthening and relaxation which is a key part of the birth process. The classes provide a relaxed informal environment for mums to be and I couldn’t imagine pregnancy without them!."
Rakhee Thakrar
August 2019
" The Pregnancy Pilates classes with Natasha are great combined with a friendly and really relaxing atmosphere helping you to keep your body fit and core muscles strong during this beautiful time of being pregnant. Natasha is really experienced in what she is doing during the classes and she always keep an eye on everyone to make sure we are doing the right thing. She can also provide great advice for all aspects of the pregnancy since she is a mother herself. I would definitely recommend her to everyone!"
Detti Isaák, May 2017
May 2017