Scar Therapy

Scars include the following:

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1 x Inital Consultation (90mins) +  3 x Scar Massage Session  (60mins) £243

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3 x Scar Massage Sessions (60mins x 3) £170   Click here to book

6 x Scar Massage Sessions (60mins x 6 ) £330        Click here to book


C-Section Package

Returning to exercise includes the inital consulataion(90mins) and 7 x  60minute session which will be a combination of scar therapy, massage and exercise to get you moving well again.


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"For several months I had suffered with pain in my left shoulder and down my arm. Often leading to pins and needles, and the pain was worse when the arm was straight down and walking normally. I had been to see an osteopath, physiotherapist and strong anti inflammatory tablets. Natasha suggested she carry out some scar therapy. I was a little bit sceptical but willing to try. Natasha worked on the scars left by my mastectormy, on the right side of my body. After the first session the pain in my left shoulder did ease slightly. After the second session the improvement was greater and I can now say after the third session the pain has almost completely gone. I would recommend anyone try this type of therapy as the body works in mysterious ways and pain you are experiencing may not be caused by what you think."
Janice Tidy
January 2023
"Absolutely amazing result and only after 2 sessions! Natasha is so knowledgeable and dedicated and a real gem to find. I have always resisted anyone touching my reconstruction scar but now would not hesitate recommending this to anyone wanting to feel better. So grateful for Natasha’s expertise and caring."
Amanda Street
June 2024
" I would highly recommend getting a c section scar massage from Natasha. She’s knowledgeable, shares great tips for us postpartum mums and approachable making the whole massage experience an enjoyable one. I started the sessions 3 months post c section and I am still going nearing 9 months postpartum. The massages not only help relieve tightness around the tummy area but help your body move more freely with less aches and pains. I will definitely be continuing these going forward. Thanks Natasha for being on this postpartum journey with me x x x ."
Amandeep Bahia
March 2023