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Working from home? Stiff shoulders book a sports massage to ease those aches

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C-Section, Hysterectomy and Abdominal Scar Massage is a bespoke treatment to help aid healing and optimum functioning of your core. We work on the whole body, looking to get your moving optimally and without pain.

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A 60minute treatment to promote relaxation the expecting mums. Area's of tension and tighntess will be released to reduce aches and pains. Increase well being of mum and baby.

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A time to let you relax. A 60 minute treatment tailored to you individual needs, focusing on problem area’s to ensure a more beneficial massage. A variety of different strokes and techniques are use which will help improve circulation, stimulate the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins, reduce stress and tension and create a feeling of well being.

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This is 30 to 60 minute session working on specific problematic and painful areas.

A variety of techniques are combined including slow, intense strokes, frictions, trigger point release and myo-fascial release are used to ease muscle tension, break down adhesions between muscle fibres, and help prevent the formation of scar tissue at injury sites. The massage physical stretches muscles, increases circulation which helps improve flexibility.

It is a deeper tissue massage not just for the sporting individual. The massage can benefit people with back pain, neck pain, sciatic, and tight muscles.

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"I am 20 weeks pregnant and recently had a massage from Natasha which I totally enjoyed.  Natasha was gentle but effective and always made sure I was in a comfortable position as she worked over my body.  Afterwards I felt relaxed and refreshed."
Emma, May 2010

"I had a pregnancy massage with Natasha which was extremely relaxing!  Natasha always made sure I was comfortable throughout the massage.  The
massage relieved any tension that I had and I was left feeling relaxed and revitalised."
Clare, June 2010



Thames Valley Althletics Club,

Datchet and Eton Health Club,

Pocklane Lane,


SL4 6HN.


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